Monday, January 4, 2010

...oops! my bad need to resched for march

hey guys i'm so excited about the thursday art hang that i volunteered for january forgetting to realize that the studio where i plan to host the event is still a little chilly for the winter months and we are doing major room renovations painting & stuff if tim or duane want to step in and host ~ that would be cool! ... i shot this past chris and he would volunteer again for january if need be.

sorry to step up & then step back ...see you guys next week ~ wherevever!
i'm definitely on for march (st. patty's/spring equinox theme!)


  1. Hi ho all
    where are we having the new art night???
    i plan on coming
    i get home that day from our trip

  2. duane-tim? any possibilities at your place? we can do it at my place if we need to but want to give everyone a chance