Friday, November 13, 2009

Featured Inspirational Artist For The Evening

I liked the idea that Steve-O put forth of having a brief introduction of an artist to start the night off. There were about ten different artists I wanted to highlight, but I ended up choosing someone I just discovered-Serena Mitnik-Miller


  1. cc
    good stuff
    thanks for the link
    i like her stuff
    and I also really like the photos
    seascapes ----amazing feeling
    and liked the stuff in documentary
    thursday was a huge success
    thanks for hosting it
    it is just what i need
    great mix of dude with different talents
    matt was like the master artist
    tim the non-fiction documentor
    ethen rocking the pen and the camera--funny man
    you going big with the big paints
    I was just happy and play with my sketch book with other people
    art is good
    getting more important to everyday
    all the best

  2. chris. i checked out the entire site of serena. very cool stuff. i really liked the black & white watercolor one she did. 'hanging five' is on order. c u next thursday meeting.

  3. cool everyone-let's keep it up. super stoked for the next one